Friday, July 1, 2011

The Dead C Files

Old English Translation 


TCN July 1964: (This article is reprinted with the permission by the editors of CHESS, a British chess magazine. It appeared in CHESS on Dec. 19, 1959. It is by H.E.G. Courtney.)

This little glossary of some of the more common chessversational ploys is especially designed for the newcomer to tournament or match play: it will help the beginner to understand better exactly what is being said to him, will show him the underlying and treacherous meaning of apparently harmless remarks to which he might otherwise all too easily fall a victim. Speaking to a man over a chessboard is like speaking in parliament: i.e. no one ever means exactly what they say. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Chess and the Constitution

This post is about chess organization's constitutions, and the need for them.  These documents help the club's officers and members know what is expected of them as well as providing the club's membership with the knowledge of proper procedure of any needed form of action.  These out-of-date constitutions are presented here for historical purposes, but they may also serve as blueprints for anyone wishing to form their own.  Below you will find two Memphis Chess Club constitutions and one from the Tennessee Chess Association.