Saturday, January 22, 2011

Memphis Chess Club Meetings

Memphis Chess Club Friday Night Meetings from 2011-June 2012
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Quotes from Memphis Chess Club Players:

#1. Congratulations!!!!! to you all for making this a reality. It was always my dream, when I was the President and Chairman of the Memphis Chess Club Board of Directors back in the mid 1970's, that we would have a permanent club home or chess center in Memphis. Best wishes for the success of the MCC. Hopefully this move will bring in more club members and build a terrific base for the future of chess in the mid-south. ---James C. Little

#2."The night was truly a 'Grand Opening.'  Not since 1973 have I seen the coming together of chess players of all ages for a club meeting.  Observing chess players in action at the skittles room next to the entrance made me feel welcome.  The placing of fliers and information about upcoming events at the welcome desk was a nice touch. There was food aplenty laid out in banquet fashion for the crowd that attended. The Memphis Chess Club's playing hall is spacious enough for a good size tournament just by itself. It was an honor to see the hard earned awards and trophies, of the city's newest champions presented before such a large audience."     --MCC Historian

#3. "There will be no time constraints on Friday nights anymore.  If you have a silly drawn bishop of opposite colors until 6am Saturday, that is OK!  We may use 40/2, SD1 on Friday nights!  With all main games starting at 8pm, this will be like the club of old.  Gary Pylant, our Web-Master and TD is excited about the club's new home, and he feels that he is going back to the golden days of chess of the 1970's when Bobbie ruled the world!"

#4. "The grand opening of the Greater Memphis Chess Center was a great success. I was amazed at the size of the building. The main playing hall is in the center of the building, and it was surrounded by skittles rooms." (The Memphis Chess Club is no longer located withing the Greater Memphis Chess Club building--  The last club meeting there was on June1, 2012--The search for a new club home has begun.)

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