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Memphis Matches 1959-1974

TCN May-June 1959

Memphis Beats Nashville

Recently a match was played between Memphis and Nashville which resulted in a victory for Memphis with a score of 6:4.  The match took place on April 19, 1959 in Milan, Tenn.  It was played on five boards, with 2 games on each board.  Victorious for Memphis were Scrivener, Armstrong and Spiegel.  The winners for Nashville were Wolfensberger and Shore.  The first round games were played in the morning with Nashville having White.  This resulted in a 3½ : 1½ score in favor of Memphis.  In the afternoon Nashville was able to hold Memphis even with 2½ : 2½.

Here are the results:
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                   Memphis                Nashville
Board 1       Wright        0        Wolfensberger   2
Board 2       Scrivener    2        Bowen              0
Board 3       Spies          ½       Shore               1½
Board 4      Armstrong  1½      Lahde                ½
Board 5       Spiegel      2        Groom               0

TCN March-April 1960

Memphis Trounces Nashville 9:1

On April 9, 1960 for the second straight year a match took place between players of Memphis and Nashville this time at Huntingdon, Tenn.  The match consisted of 10 games in which each player played the same opponent twice.  The event was USCF rated.

A weakened Nashville team had to succumb to a 9-1 defeat of a strong Memphis team.  Nashville players were without services of Wolf Wolfensberger (who is expected to return for the Tenn. Open), Don DuPlantier (who placed second in the Nashville City tourney) and Milton Loew (who is second in local club ratings.)

The Memphis team consisted of their five strongest club players who played in this order on five boards: 1. Bob Scrivener, 2. James Wright,  3. Carl Spies, 4. Joe Spiegel and 5. Troy Armstrong.  The Nashville team consisted of 1. Albert Bowen, 2. Peter Lahde, 3. J.F. Aydelott, 4. Dr. Robert Sommer and 5. Gary Ratliff.

Only one Nashville player, Jesse Aydelott was able to break even with his opponent Carl Spies.

TCN September-October 1960

Nashville Edges Memphis in Match

A surprising upset was scored as the Nashville team defeated the highly favored Memphis team by the close margin of 8½ : 7½ points.  In previous encounters Memphis was the victor.

The match was played on Saturday, October 22, 1960, at Huntingdon, Tenn.  It was played on eight boards and consisted of two games between the same opponent on each board.  An exception was on Board 3 where Memphis reserve player Bob O'Bannon took Spiegel's place in the afternoon game.

The match was and exciting battle right down to the wire.  Memphis won the toss and selected to play with Black in the morning.  After six of the eight games of the first round were completed Memphis took an early 4:2 lead.  But then Wolfensberger on Board 1 and Farr on Board 8 won to tie the score with 4:4 at half time. The game between Farr and Kennedy lasted 90 moves.  In the afternoon Nashville took an early lead to go ahead 6:4.  But Memphis came right back to win the next three to lead 7:6.  Then Nashville tied it up again by winning and drawing the next two games at 7½ : 7½.  This left only one game on Board 1 Between Wolfensberger and Scrivener to be completed.  As Wolfensberger won, the match went to Nashville.  Had he drawn the game, the match would have been a tie.  A win by Scrivener would have won it for Memphis.

Here are the results in detail:

Board            Nashville                                  Memphis
1            Wolf Wolfensberger        2           Bob Scrivener          0
2            Al Bowen                       ½           Gunars Vevris         1½
3            Peter Lahde                    1            Spiegel-O'Bannon   1
4            Don DuPlantier              ½           Bill Wiserman         1½
5            J.F. Aydelott                   0            Hunter Weaks          2
6            Robert Sommer             2            Eddie Middleton       0   
7            Gary Ratliff                   1½         Lyle Priddy               ½
8            Tom Farr                       1            Mark Kennedy          1

TCN July-August 1961

Memphis Club Keeps Active
by Lyle Priddy   

The Memphis Chess Club played the state of Arkansas a match at Brinkley, Arkansas.  The Match took place on August 13, 1961 and was played on 9 boards.  Memphis won the match by a score of 11-7.  The boards were as follows:

Memphis                Arkansas

Hurt              2           Balsai                 0
Scrivener      ½          Lenoard Scott    1½
Armstrong    0           Leasere              2
Weaks          1½        Dorthart              ½
Wright         2            Berry                  0
Middleton   2            Campbell            0
Priddy         1            Allbritton            1
O-Bannon   0            Meacham            0
Gilley         2            John Scott            0

(Quite an accomplishment,  Memphis.   However, in the defense of Arkansas it must be said that they were playing without the services of their current sate and last year's state champion - Richard Long and Charles Rosburg. -Ed.)

In addition Memphis won the team championship from Dallas in the Arkansas Open held over the last weekend in July.  The members of the team who helped with this were Wright and Hurt with 4 points each, Scrivener with 3½, and Weaks and Armstrong with 3 each.

Memphis claims to have the strongest team within about a 500 mile radius. (I am sure that does not include St. Louis?.-Ed.) They feel quite confident of a victory over Nashville in the next match.  Much of the improvement of the strength of the Memphis team is due to the enthusiasm of Hunter Weaks.  He has helped Lyle Priddy, Eddie Middleton and Clif Lipman a great deal in improving their game. 

A match between Memphis and Nashville should be forthcoming sometime in October.  Nashville has great hopes that it will upset the confidence of Memphis in their coming match.  For one thing they will have the services of the current Arkansas champion, Richard Long and also Leonard Scott. (Scott had a plus score over Scrivener in their recent match.)  Both will be attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

TCN September-October 1961

Memphis Beats Nashville Easily

Memphis won the match over Nashville with apparent ease with 16½ : 3½.  The match took place at Hundingdon, Tenn. on October 28, & 29, 1961, playing on four boards on Saturday and six on Sunday.

There is no doubt that Memphis has a powerful team, as they have shown wins over Arkansas and Mississippi recently.  Even if Nashville had been able to muster their strongest team, a win for Memphis would not have been in doubt.  Memphis had a high respect for the Nashville players as shown by some of the incidents.

Memphis scored 15 wins, drew  3, and lost only 2 games.  In other words two Nashville players were able to tie their opponents, while three lost by one game, and five lost both. 

Nevertheless, Nashville's score is not bad when comparing this score to the whole state of Mississippi which achieved only 5½ points out of 22 when playing Memphis recently, and here Memphis did not have their strongest team. 

Here are the individual results:

Board            Memphis                              Nashville       
 1            Hunter Weaks          1½         Richard Long        ½
 2            R.S. Scrivener          1           Peter Lahde           1
 3            Ed Middleton           1½        Albert Bowen         ½
 4            John Hurt                 1           Jordan Trafimow    1
 5            Joe Spiegel               2           Robert Sommer     0
 6            James Wright           2            Robert Wysong     0
 7            Lyle Priddy              1½         Gary Ratliff            ½
 8            Mark Gilley              2           Aydelott/Mayhew   0
 9            Bill Wiseman           2            Major Smith          0
10           Robert O'Bannon     2            Tommy Farr          0

TCN November 1973 Vol. 15 No 6 Pg. 56

Nashville Wins Match Over Memphis

Nashville was the winner in the annual match with Memphis by the score of 21-19.  The last two previous encounters ended in ties.  With twenty boards this match was by far the largest one.  The match took place in Jackson on October 7, 1973.  It was arranged by Class A player David Baker of Jackson.

The closeness of the match indicates the nearly equivalent strength that both cities have.  The ratings gave Memphis the edge with and average of 1621 to 1585.  In the second round this was reduced by 1598 to 1585 as Memphis replaced four players on the lower boards.

In the first round of the match Memphis obtained a slight edge with a score of 10 1/2- 9 1/2.  In the second round Nashville achieved a three point advantage (11 1/2 - 8 1/2) to clinch the match 21-19.  Winning both games for Nashville were Joe Jones (board 2) over State Champion John Hurt,  Brooks Egerton, and Steve Gibson.  Double winners for Memphis were Ed Middleton (board 1) over M.C. Wright, Gary Pylant, and Mike Webb.

The rivalry in match play between the two cities dates back to 1959.  Memphis has a decided edge in matches won which now stands at 8 wins, 2 loses, 2 ties in favor of Memphis.  For the record here are the results of the previous encounters. 

1959 Memphis 6-4
(April 1960 Memphis 9-1 overlooked by the TCN editor)
October 1960 Nashville 8 1/2-7 1/2
1961 Memphis 16 1/2-3 1/2
1962 Memphis 6 1/2-5 1/2
1963 Memphis 10 1/2-1 1/2
1964 Memphis 11-5
1965 Memphis 11 1/2-8 1/2
1968 Memphis 11-5
1969 Memphis 16-8
1970 Tie 15-15
1972 Tie 12-12
1973 Nashville 21-19

The individual results are as follows:

Board        Memphis                                    Nashville
 1         Edward Middleton            2             M.C. Wright        0
 2         John Hurt                          0             Joe Jones            2
 3         Mark Gilley                      1             Tony Estes           1
 4         Clyde McMillian              ½            Doug Ralston       1½
 5         Mahlon Smith                   1             Tom Farr              1
 6         Peter Caqiani                   1½           Mike Schofield     ½
 7         James Little                      1             Bruce Sterns         1
 8         Victor Lendermon            ½            Albert Bowen       1½
 9         Michael Corrigan              1            Alan Gullette        1
10         Mark Mclaughlin             ½           Joe Roberdeau      1½
11         Morris Middleton             1            Peter Lahde           1
12         Ray Riley                         0            Brooks Egerton      1
13         Gary Pylant                      2            Mike Roman          0
14         Jack Smith                       ½           Glenn Cornwell      ½
15         Leza Sturdivant                1            Ed Porter                1
16         Mike Webb                       2            Bobby Chapuis      0
17         R. Holyfield/D.Meyers     1            Ricky Clunan          1
18         C. McDade/F.Hemphill    1            Curt Jones               1
19         L.Weiss/Flexler                1½         Richard Hargrove    ½
20         Wilkerson/B. Nietzel        0            Steve Gibson           2

 Nashville Wins Big Over Memphis      

Nashville enjoyed their best result so far in their annual match with Memphis by trouncing the adversary soundly with 21-11.  This was primarily due to a strong effort on the five lower boards where Nashville won by the surprising big margin of 9-1.  The match was held September 29, 1974, at the Ramada Inn in Jackson, Tenn.  Memphis now leads in the series 8 wins, 3 loses, and 2 ties.  But since 1970 Nashville has not lost and scored 2 wins and 2 ties.

1974 Memphis - Nashville Match

    Memphis                                 Nashville
 1. John Hurt                 0            Milton Wright           2
 2. Phillip Morgan         1            Vernon Vix                1
 3. James Wright           1            Joe Jones                1
 4. Victor Lendermon    1½         John Logue              ½
 5. Gary Pylant              ½           Steve Gibson          1½
 6. Robert Holyfield      1            Bruce Stearns           1
 7. Morris Middleton     1            Peter Lahde              1
 8. James Little             1            Tibor Varga               1
 9. Peter Shirley           1             Tom Farr                   1
10. Walter Tomes         0            Curt Jones                 2
11. Louis Weis             2            Woodrow Whitlow      0
12. Stephen Thomas    0            Albert Bowen            2
13. James Mitchell       0            Jonathan Thatcher     2
14. Edward Sarvis        0            Phillip Sawer             2      
15. Dwight Weaver      1            Stahl/Ellis                   1
16. B.T. Rice                0            Mark Ishee                 2

(Seven games are associated with the board below.  Click the bar above the black pieces.)

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