Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mid-South Chess & Mid-South Fair-1975

The year was 1975, the month was September, and it was the 120th year for the Mid-South Fair and the Memphis Chess Club organized a continuous simultaneous exhibition, at the fairgrounds, with its members taking turns facing the public at the chessboard.  To draw the attention of the crowds were poster-sized pictures throughout the chess exhibit showing club members playing in tournaments and assisting in various community chess projects.  The USCF provided boxes full of the April 1975 edition of Chess Life & Review used as giveaways.  The Memphis Chess Club was also providing the general chess player newsletters and fliers with information about the club and the Tennessee Chess Association.  Having recently been given access to the pictures provided, I decided to present them in their original form.

Mid-South Chess Advocate Archives: Click Here.
TCN Archives: Click Here.

Lee Bole, Champion of the Spinal Cord Surgery Ward at the VA, with Jim Little.

Chess Class Conducted by the Memphis Chess Club at the Shelby County Penal Farm

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