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1962 Southern Open Chess Tournament in Memphis, Tennessee

Tennessee Chess News November-December 1961 No. 18 pg. 1

News in Brief

Memphis put in a bid for the (1962) Southern this year which is held around the 4th of July.  Let's wish them good luck in this endeavor.

Chess Life Volume XVII Number 5 May, 1962 page 116

Tournament Life
June 30, July 1-2-3, 1962

Southern Championships

7-round Swiss, to be played in Memphis, Tenn., championship of USCF Region IV, open to experts or above, state champions, and other strong players.  Entry fee, including SCA publications $16; only $14 if staying at host Hotel Claridge.  Must be or become USCF member–special rate, $4.  First prize, trophy and $100; second, at least $50, plus entry fee for '63, plus others.  For full details write: R. C. Eastwood, ___S. Krome Ave., Homestead, Fla.

June 30, July 1-2-3, 1962

7-round Swiss, to be played concurrent with the above.  Open to those rated 1899 or lower (or unrated). 1st prize, trophy plus $25 plus $15 contribution to the hotel bill, other extras.  Other prizes for Class A & B, top three ladies, etc.  Entry fee $12, including SCA publications; only $10 if staying at the host Hotel Claridge.  USCF membership for this event: $4.00.  For full details write: R. C. Eastwood ___S. Krome Ave., Homestead, Fla.

Tennessee Chess News March-April 1962 Vol. 4. No. 2

Memphis to Host Southern

Claridge Hotel Memphis, TN
Memphis will be the host to the Southern Championship this year thanks to their hard work in winning the bid over Macon, Ga.  Not since 1955 has the Southern been held in Tennessee when it was in Chattanooga.

We can all be very proud for Memphis to have achieved this honor.  Well over $200 have or will have to be raised by Memphis to comply with the financial support as is expected of the host city.  The best we can do is show our appreciation by each one of us making a special effort to attend this event.  Actually we are committed as the host state to have at least ten players, aside from at least that number from the host itself.

Aside from this, the Southern tournament this year will salute  the dear old gentleman Bob Scrivener.  As we are friends of "Uncle Bob" let us attend as a special tribute to him.

There will be special announcements mailed to every club in the state and many individuals, but just in case, here are some of the details:  (Click "Read more" below.)

The Southern will be held from June 30, thru July 3, 1962 at the Hotel Claridge in Downtown Memphis.  Hotel rates are $7 single, $9 double, and $10 for twin.  There is free parking in the hotel for guests.

The Southern will be divided into three divisions as follows:

Southern Championship: Open to any rating though experts and masters preferred.

Amateur Championship of the SCA:  Restricted to those rated 1899 or lower.

Southern Reserve:  Restricted to those rated 1599 and lower.

Entry fees are $16 in the Championship ($2 discount if staying at the Claridge Hotel) and $10 in the Amateur.

There will be many prizes in the two top divisions.  First in the Championship will be $150 in money and prizes and $100 for first in the Amateur.

This event will be in no way restricted to any person or persons.

Knowing that Tennessee has as strong or better players as any state in the South, why not show the rest of the South that we can win in our own state as we did in 1955.  Let us really show them.  Uncle Bob states in one of his letters to the editor as follows:  "We are (He is speaking for Memphis.) depending on Tennessee players to really put its impress on the final scores in this tourney."

Tennessee Chess News May-June 1962

Kenn Smith of Dallas, Texas won for the third straight time the Southern Championship with a score of 6½:½.  He only gave up one draw to Nick Lanni of Gainesville, Fla.  A total of 65 players participated in three divisions each of which had seven rounds.  The following states were represented:  Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, New Mexico, Michigan and Tennessee including 16 players from Memphis.

Kenn Smith was first in the 28-player Championship division with a 1½ point margin over second place.  Two players, Ned Hardy and Joel Chalefous, both of the University of Florida, took second place honors with five points.  Four players scored 4½ points: Nick Lanni (Gainesville, Fla.), Hunter Weaks and James Wright (both of Memphis) and Banffy (Atlanta, Ga.)  Bannffy defeated Bowen of Nashville in the last round in a brilliant attack to beat him out of prize money.

The 29-player Amateur division was won by Dorne of Albuquerque, New Mexico with 6 points.  Also, six points was achieved by Waid Portalez of New Meixico.  Harwell of Durham, North Carolina obtained 5½ points for third place.  Two Huntsville, Ala. players, Larry Kiefling and Barney Roberts shared fourth place with five points.  Jack Fox of Tampa, Florida and Lyle Priddy of Memphis scored 4½ points to tie for sixth place.

The Reserve division was won by Frank Garner of Memphis, an eight-player round robin affair.

But perhaps the highlight of the tournament was the Dedication of the 41st Annual Southern Championships to Robert S. "Uncle Bob" Scrivener.  It was quite an honor to all the participants, but particularly Memphis and Uncle Bob himself, that Mayor of Memphis, Henry Loeb made the presentation of the plaque.

The speed tourney was won by Ken Smith and Mark Gilley of Memphis took a surprising second place.

The team honors, for highest scoring state, went to Florida by the slim margin of only one point.  Tennessee took runner-up spot.  No doubt with the participation of East Tennessee, the team plaque would have gone to Tennessee.

Again, by the slimmest of margins, the University of Florida beat out Memphis by half a point for the club title. 

The Memphis Chess Club in general, and Ralph King and Frank Garner in particular, are to be congratulated for the fine job in preparing and organizing the tourney.

Southern Chess Association
1962 Annual Report  

President: Prof. Lanneau Foster
Vice-President : Peter P. Lahde

Dallas, Texas, Master tops the Southern for the third straight year, as Florida again sweeps most of team titles despite the long trip to Memphis, Tennessee

Dallas Master, Kenneth R. Smith, continued to dominate the annual Southern Championship as he rolled to a decisive victory by a full point and a half in the 41st annual program at the Hotel Claridge in Memphis, Tenn.  Smith tallied 6½-½ to garner his third straight win.

Joe Chalifoux and Ned Hardy, two University of Florida stars, finished second and third respectively as each netted 5-2 scores.  Chalifoux, who was undefeated with three wins and four draws, was the only one to slow down Smith via a third round draw.  Hardy won four, drew two, and lost only one to the champ.  As highest resident, Chalifoux tops USCF Region IV.

Five players nabbed 4½ - 2½ scores, including James A. Wright of Millington, Tenn.; Nick Lanni, also of the University of Florida; Francis G. Banfry of Atlanta; Jude Acers, 18 year old junior champ from Mandeville, La.; and Hunter Weaks of Memphis.

Andrew U. Lockett, Jr., of New Orleans won the new Senior Championship and custody for one year of the R. S. "Uncle Bob" Scrivener Plaque.

The University of Florida gained the Club Team of Four title by a half-point in a photo finish with the host Memphis Club; New Orleans finished third. The Gators top three paced Florida to another narrow one-point edge over Tennessee in the State Team of Five competition. Louisiana was third, Alabama fourth, and Mississippi fifth.


      HOME TOWN                       SCORE

1. Kenneth R. Smith                      Dallas, Texas                         6½ - 0½
2. Joel Chalifoux                            Univ. of Florida                    5 - 2
3. Ned 11. Hardy                           Univ. of Florida                     5 - 2
4. James A. Wright                        Millington, Term.                 4½ - 2½
5. Nick Lanni                                 Univ. of Florida                    4½ - 2½         
6. Francis C. Banffy                      Atlanta, Georgia                    4½ - 2½
7. Jude F. Acers, age 18,               Mandeville, La.                     4½ - 2½
8. Hunter Weaks                            Memphis, Tenn.                    4½ - 2½
9. John Hurt                                   Memphis, Tenn.                    4 - 3
10. Max Burkett                             Memphis, Texas                   4 - 3
11. John IL Poole                           Jackson, Miss                       4 - 3
12. Robert C. Eastwood                 Homestead, Fla.                   3½ - 3½
13. Albert L. Bowen                      Nashville, Tean.                    3½ - 3½
14. Ed L. Middleton, age 19,         Memphis, Tenn,                    3½ - 3½
15. Andrew N. Lockett Jr.,            New Orleans, La.                  3½ - 3½
16. Ken S. Williamson                  Huntsville, Ala.                     3 - 4
17. Otis Robinson                         Birmingham, A1.                   3 - 4
18. Robert S. Scrivener,                Nesbit, Miss.                         3 - 4
19. Mark Gilley, 16,                      Memphis, Tenn.                    3 - 4
20. Charles Cleveland                   Birmingham, Ala.                  3 - 4
21. Carroll. Clarke                        St. Petersburg, Fla.                3 - 4
22. Troy Armstrong, 19,               Memphis, Term.                    3 - 4
23. Roy Siegel, 18,                       Univ. of Florida                     2½ - 4½
24. Richard Baldocic,16,              New Orleans, La.                  2½ - 4½
25. W. Troy Miller                        Natchez, Miss.                      2 - 5
26. Frank Chavez                         New Orleans, La.                   2 - 5
27. Dr, John G. Harris,                 Port Huron, Mich.                 1½ - 1½
28. Thomas L.  Jordan Jr.,            New Orleans, La.                  1 - 6

Tournament Director, Robert C. Eastwood.

No problems, or complaints and with only one mutually requested adjudication, the first in six years. Cordiality reigned, as always, at the Southern.


OPEN CHAMP:         Kenneth R. Smith, Dallas, Texas      
REGIONAL:              Joel Chalifoux, Univ. of Florida      
2199-2100:                 Ned N. Hardy, Univ. of Florida       
2099-2000:                 Hunter Weaks, Memphis, Tennessee
CLASS AA:               James A. Wright, Memphis, Tennessee
COLLEGIATE:          Joel Chalifoux, Univ. of Florida       
HI SCHOOL:             Jude F. Acers, 18, Mandeville, La.
JUNIOR:                    Jude F. Acers, 18, Mandeville, La.   
SENIOR:                    Andrew N. Lockett Jr., New Orleans,La.

AMATEUR:               Carter Waid, Vortales, New Mexico
CLASS A:                  Walter Dome, Albuquerque, N. Mex
CLASS B:                  Drexel Hardin, Memphis, Tennessee
B PLUS:                     Dr. George Harwell, Durham, N. C.
UNRATED:                Joseph D. Farris, Vicksburg, Miss.
LADIES:                    Mrs. Kama R. Martin, Ellenton, Fla.
RESERVE:                 Frank Garner, Memphis, Tennessee
CLASS C:                  Ralph E. King, Memphis, Tennessee
SPEED:                      Kenneth R. Smith, Dallas, Texas


STATE TEAM OF FIVE:                   Florida
COLLEGE TEAM OF FOUR:          Univ. of Florida
CLUB TEAM OF FOUR:                  Univ. of Florida        
FAMILY TEAM:                                The Harwells, Durham, N.C.

Each champion or member of champion team wins a free entry to the 1963 program.


A New Mexico one-two kayoed the Southern Amateur championship as Carter Waid of Portales and Walter Dome of Albuquerque each tallied 6-1 for a clear advantage over the field. Waid rallied after a second round loss to Neville Marshall to gain the top spot on tie-break by edging Dorne in the sixth round.  Dr. George Harwell of Durham, N. C., grabbed the third spot with 5½-1½ and added the Class B Plus crown.

Two Huntsville players nabbed fourth and fifth place with 5-2: Larry Kiefling and Barney II. Roberts. Drexel Hardin of Memphis paced the Class B players, and Joe Farris of Vicksburg was the highest unrated player.  Mrs. Kama R. Martin of Ellenton, Fla., won the Ladies championship for the fourth time in the last five years and more times altogether than we can count.


1. Carter Waid                                    Portales, N. M.           6 - 1
2. Walter Dome                                 Albuquerque, N. M,    6 - 1
3. Dr. George Harwell                       Durham, North Car.    5½ - 1½
4. Larry Kiefling                               Huntsville, Ala.          5 - 2
5. Barney H. Roberts                         Huntsville, Ala.          5 - 2
6. Lt. Joaquin Fox                              MacDill AFB, Fla.      4½ - 2½
7. Lyle Priddy, 19,                              Memphis, Tenn.         4½ - 2½
8. Charles R. Oxford                          Decatur, Georgia        4 - 3
9. Prof. L. L. Foster                           Columbia, S. C.          4 - 3
10. Drexel Hardin                              Memphis, Tenn.          4 - 3
11. Joseph D. Farris                           Vicksburg, Miss          4 - 3
12. Peter P. Lande                              Nashville, Tenn.          4 - 3
13. Ed A. Dickerson                          St. Louis, Mo.              4 - 2
14. Neville B. Marshall                     Natchez, Miss.             3½ - 3½
15. J. Tom Byrom, 15,                       Memphis, Tenn.          3½ - 3½       
16. Jack W. Long                               Oklahoma City, Okla.  3½ - 3½
17. Dr. A. H. Bond                             Norton, Virginia          3 - 4
18. Dennis Murphree                         Jackson, Miss.             3 - 4
19. Homer J. Rhode, 19,                    Orlando, Florida         3 - 4
20. Robert H. O'Bannon                    Memphis, Tenn.          3 - 4   
21. Ben Wells                                    Jackson, Miss.             3 - 4
22. Douglas Ritenour                        Memphis, Tenn.          2½ - 4½
23. Edward F. Williams III,              Memphis, Tenn            2½ - 4½
24. Emile B. Greenleaf Jr.,                New Orleans, La.        2 - 5
25. Arthur King                                 Alexandria, La.           2 - 5
26. Mrs. Kama R. Martin,                 Ellenton, Fla.               2 - 5
27. Bud T. Carter                              Little Rock, Ark.          2 - 5
28. Dr. Don Haugh                           Mayfield, Ky.               1 - 2
29. Burns Smith                                Greenville, Miss.         1 - 6

Tournament Director - Jack Fox.
Dickerson withdrew before last round, Haugh after the third round.



1. Frank Garner                                 Memphis, Tennessee       6 - 1
2, Ralph E. King                               Memphis, Tennessee    5 - 2
3. Enisley Deaton Jr.                 Owens Cross Roads, Ala.    4½ - 2½
4. C. N. Pipkin                                  Memphis, Tennessee    4 - 3
5. Mrs. Kathleen Harweli,                Durham, N. C.              3½ - 3½ tie
6. A. C. Hinlcson                             Memphis, Tennessee     3½ - 3½ tie
7. Allen White, age 14                     Osceola, Arkansas          0½-2½
8. Ronnie Elias, age 14                    Osceola, Arkansas         0 - 3

Youngsters White and Elias had to leave after the third round, forfeiting rest.


To balance the points, a bonus of 4 was given each entrant in the Open game score for each in the Amateur and 2/5ths of game score in the Reserve according to the advance rules designed to calculate team points on an equitable basis.  An improved system is planned in 1963.


 1. Florida 41; 
 2. Tennessee 40;        
 3. Louisiana 33½;     
 4. Alabama 3½;        
 5. Mississippi 28½;  
 6. Texas 18½;
 7. Georgia 12½;
 8. New Mexico 12;    
 9. North Carolina 6.9;
10. South Carolina 4;
11. Arkansas 4;         
12. Kentucky, no finishers.

COLLEGIATE TEAM OF FOUR: No one challenged the power of the Univ. of Florida


 1. University of Florida 33;
 2. Memphis 32½;
 3. New Orleans 28½
 4. Huntsville, Ala., 17½;      
 5. Jackson, Miss, 14, 
 6. Birmingham 14;    
 7. St Petersburg 11½,
 8. Nashville 11;         
 9. Natchez 9½ ;         
10. Durham, N. C., 6.9,

 AMATEUR CLUB TEAM OF FOUR: (Next year this will be added to the official team list.)

1. Memphis 22;         
2. Huntsville 17½;  
3. Birmingham 14;    
4. New Orleans 13½ ;
5. St. Petersburg 11½ ;
6. Nashville 11;         
7. Natchez 9;  
8. Durham 6.9;          
9. Jackson, Miss, 6.

FAMILY TEAM:  1ST, The Dr. George Harwells of Durham, North Carolina, 6.9


STATE:  Joel Chalifoux, Ned Hardy, Nick Lanni, Bob Eastwood, and Carroll L. Clarke,
CLUB:  Joel Chalifoux, Ned N. Hardy, Nick Lanni, and Roy Siegel.
AMATEUR:  Mark Gilley, Troy Armstrong, Lyle Priddy, and Drexel Hardin.
FAMILY:  Dr. George Harwell and Mrs. Kathleen Harwell.

Ken Smith survived an early upset by veteran Andy Lockett to win the annual Speed event.  The tourney was conducted at ten seconds per move and was a triple elimination contest.  Mark Gilley, 16, was a surprise second as he rolled for seven straight wins before the champ chilled him twice.  Lockett, an old hand at scoring in speed events, was third.  C. L. Clark and Nax Burkett shared fourth and fifth.  20 entries competed.

1. Kenneth R. Smith               9 - 1
2. Mark Gilley, age 16,          7 - 3
3. Andrew Lockett Jr.             6½ - 3½
4. Max Burkett                       5 - 3
5. C.L. Clarke                         5 - 3
6. Lyle Priddy                        4 - 3
7. John Hurt                           3½ - 3½
8. Douglas Ritenour               3 - 3
9. Dr. John Harris                  3 - 3
10. Ed. Middleton, 18,           2 - 3
11. Tommy Byrom, 15,         2 - 3
12. Ralph E. King                  2 - 3
13. Francis Bannffy               1 - 3
14. Nick Lanni                       1 - 3
15. Lt. Jack Fox                     1 - 3
16. Frank Garner                    1 - 3
17. Dr. Don Haugh                1 - 3
18. Joel Chalifoux                 0 - 3
19. Troy Armstrong, 19,       0 - 3
20. Arthur King                     0 - 3


Honor and recognition should go also to those whose consistent attendance is the very backbone and basis of the success of the Southern Chess Association and its annual program.  A plan is underway to establish special recognition for those attending for 5 years, 10 years, and each successive multiple of 5 years. The present Secretary is diligently searching the more recent records that he has (back thru 1950) in an effort to establish a correct listing for each member who attends.  He will need the assistance of each member, who should check the figure for himself; and if not correct, send full details to the Secretary, who is most anxious to get these figures exactly correct.

The tentative totals for those who attended in 1962 are listed below:  the first figure being the Total and the second – the number of Consecutive meetings attended.    
President Lanneau Foster, with an appearance in every year from 1949 at Richmond to the 1962 meet at Memphis, is the clear leader.  Treasurer Troy Miller is close behind.  Four more have competed in the last six programs including Secretary Bob Eastwood, Mrs. Kama R. Martin, who wins the Ladies Title very frequently, Charles R. Oxford of Georgia, and Frank Chavez of New Orleans.  Frankly, we can’t even guess how many times Mr. Scrivener has competed, and hope he will send us a better estimate than listed.

One other man should be particularly noted.  Life Director-Member A. T. Henderson of TazeweIl, Virginia, has been a member longer than anyone else, we believe; so much longer that we can't begin to estimate the figure. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to attend recently, but he always sends a cordial note and keeps his membership active.  Our salute is given to him.

Honored Member                  Total               Consecutive
Prof. Lanneau Foster              14                   14
W. Troy Miller                         11                   11
Robert C. Eastwood               10                    6
Mrs. Kama R. Martin              8                     7
Charles R. Oxford                   8                     6
Frank Chavez                          6                     6
Robert S. Scrivener                 6                     1
Kenneth R. Smith                    4                     3
Ned M. Hardy                         4                     2
Nicholas J. Lanni                    4                     2
Neville B. Marshall                 4                     2
Andrew M. Lockett Jr.            4                     1
Lt. Joaquin Fox                       3                     3
Peter P. Lahde                         3                     2
Dr. George Harwell                3                     1
John R. Poole                         3                     1
Troy Armstrong                     3                     1
Charles Cleveland                 3                     1
Barney H. Roberts                 3                     1
Albert L. Bowen                    2                     2
Joel Chalifoux                       2                     1
Emile E. Greenleaf Jr.           2                     1
Mrs. Kathleen Harwell          2                     1
C. Otis Robinson                   2                     1
Burris Smith                          2                     1
All others this year                1                     1


1957 Robert C. Eastwood
1958 Mrs. Kama R. Martin
1959 Fred W. Kemp
1960 W. Troy Miller
1961 Robert C. Eastwood
1962 Ralph E. King

Ralph E. King of the host Memphis Club was easily the winner of the Major J. B. Holt Memorial Promotion Award. His plans for the annual event were called, "the best local club promotion in Southern Chess Association history," by Secretary Bob Eastwood, who checks them out annually.


Every organization ought to maintain its own history.  The Southern Chess Association Secretary is endeavoring to fill in the many missing pages from the past – from the start of the SCA in 1921 up to the present.  Much of the recent information is available, and the Secretary is printing on this page all that he has been able to gather thus far.

The data on hand is printed below:

Year    Site                             Champion

1936    Lynchburg Va.,          John Buck
1946    Tampa, Fl.                  George Sweets
1947    St. Petersburg, Fl.       ------
1948    Augusta, Ga.              J. G. Sullivan
1949    Richmond, Va.           Hans Berliner 
1950    Durham, N. C.            N.T. Whitaker
1952    Meridian, Miss           Marvin Rogan
1953    Columbia, S.C.           Constantine Rasis
1954    Atlanta, Ga.                George Krauss
1955    Chattanooga, Tn.        George Sweets
1956    Miami, Fl.                  Dr. Jose A. Fernandez-Leon
1957    Gulfport, Miss.           Dr. Steven J. Shaw    
1958    Sarasota, Fl.               David Kraus (age 16)
1960    Natchez, Miss             Kenneth R. Smith
1961    Miami Beach, Fl.        Kenneth R. Smith
1962    Memphis, Tn.             Kenneth R. Smith

Prizes in the Championship:

1st – Trophy, $100, free entry to the 1963 and 1964 tournament
Scores of 5-2 – Trophy, $40, free entry to the 1963 tournament
Scores of 4 ½ - 2 ½: $25, free entry to the 1963 tournament
Scores of  4 – 3; $5 check and a book;
2nd Junior – book and $10
Tie for 3rd Junior – book and $4
Senior Champion – $25, custody of plaque for 1 year.

Prizes in the Amateur:

1st – Trophy, $40 expenses, free entry to the 1963 tournament
2nd – chess board, $40 expenses, free entry to 1963 tournament
3rd – $20 expenses, free entry to the 1963 tournament
4th- 5th – $10 expenses
Score of 4½ - 2½ – big chess book
Score of 4-3 – book
Champions of Class B, Unrated, Ladies: each $20 expenses, free entry to the 1963 tournament
2nd – 3rd in each – book

Prizes in the Reserve Section:
1st – Trophy, book, free entry in 1963
2nd – book, free entry in 1963
3rd- 4th – book
2nd in Ladies – book

Team Prizes:
In addition to those already listed, 4 others gained free entry for the 1963 tournament.

Free Entries for 1963 Southern:

These free entries are awarded as a stimulant to attendance and do not carry over to a subsequent year.



The 1962 meeting honored our worthy chess friend AND veteran Robert S. Scrivener.  He was awarded a plaque and a special signed memento.  The mayor and others made speeches and his opponents gave him a hard time over the board, of course, because of their great respect for his ability.  Only one thing was missing, according to his club members, and that was the long delayed printing and USCF recognition of his status as Master Emeritus.  The club members said it was unanimously voted by the USCF in 1960, but never published. Consequently the Secretary wrote to Fred Wren, who was Editor of Chess Life at the time, to discover the facts.  The Old Woodpusher's reply was as follows:

Editor Wren proposed Mr. R. S. Scrivener and Mr. B. B. Jefferson for Master Emeritus in 1959 by contacting key men in the USCF, who approved.  Jerry Spann, who was then president, was enthusiastic.  Frank Brady, who became business manager soon afterward, contacted several others and then reported back to Wren.  The next list would carry their names; however, in the confusion of the change to the new slick paper monthly at the and of 1960, the item apparently was overlooked.  Subsequent inquiries failed to produce replies although others gained the title since then.

Wren writes:

"I felt that the names of Scrivener and Jefferson should be added to the Masters Emeritus list, and I made inquiries among the key men and officers of the USCF to learn whether or not such action might receive general approval.  The replies were for the most part enthusiastic for such action, with no one opposed, and two or three noncommittal on the grounds that they didn't know anything about the men, and that they knew less about the manner in which those on the list had been nominated and elected," (Harkness, Montgomery Major, and, Bill Byland decided them arbitrarily but without opposition.) "At this point Harkness left his post and Frank Brady came in.  I put the proposition up to Frank and Jerry. Jerry (Spann) was in favor of it immediately while Frank made a few inquiries about the men and their records and then told me in a letter that the next list of Masters Emeritus would carry the names of Scrivener and Jefferson.  From that time (1960), I have heard nothing more on the subject of Masters Emeritus and occasional inquiries went unanswered."

Thus, it would appear that Mr. Scrivener and the late B. B Jefferson have been completely approved as Masters Emeritus, but that the customary complete confusion . . . has managed thus far to deprive them of printed acknowledgment in CHESS LIFE and the USCF Rating list (of actions already voted and approved).

We forwarded Wren's letter to the USCF's new 17-year-old Rating Statistician, Gary Sperling, in the forlorn hope that some slight degree of competence might be shown by someone in New York.  His reply appears hopeful; it is substantially as follows:

"Since Scrivener's card in our files only goes back to 1955 and in this time had no Master performances, I myself have no evidence of his Mastership; however, my instinct says that an 80-year-old who plays (a rating of) 1950 chess must have played 2250 chess when he was younger. Furthermore, Wren's and your letter both imply that Brady had already agreed that he should have the title.  It would seem to me; therefore, that the title could be awarded on receipt of information of his past chessic conquests.  If this is received in time for the next list (after the August list already in print), then I will be glad to award the Master Emeritus title to Scrivener."

So there it is, friends.  It's been awarded once, but it might be quicker to simply supply the information requested again, and have it awarded the second time per the full commitment in the letter.  So, it's up to you, Memphis Club members!  Rush in the information to Gary Sperling, and "Uncle Bob" will at last have his Master Emeritus title printed in the December rating list in Chess Life.

United States Chess Federation
Chess Life 
July - August 1963 page 189

USCF Rating Supplement
July, 1963
by Gary Sperling, USCF Rating Statistician 

Master Emeritus
Scriviner, R. S. (Mississippi)

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