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Memphis' Chess History Blogspot Review

This index will direct the reader to links and locations not only within this blog, but to outside sources related to Memphis Chess Club history.  Some links have never been mentioned on this site before. 

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Year 1859:

Here we find a little known story of Paul Morphy passing through Memphis, TN, as well as other stories related to Tennessee Chess History:

A fictitious tale of chess on a Mississippi River boat departing Memphis:

Years 1861- 1865:

Chess player activity around Memphis during the Civil War:

Link #1)

Link #2)

Year 1877: 

This is the earliest known source mentioning the Memphis Chess Club. (The American Chess Journal) One of the club's earliest members, Dudley D. Saunders, not only the first club president in 1877, but also served again in the same position in 1904. (1904 Source: Chess News column, January 17, 1904 Commercial Appeal);view=image;seq=245;num=235;q1=memphis;start=1;size=10;page=search

Year 1896:  

This link provides the second mention of what is thought to have been the continuation of the Memphis Chess Club.  It shows that a Memphis Whist and Chess Club incorporated on March 24th 1896.

Years 1903-1904:

Rosa Jefferson, sister of many-time city champion, Bradford Jefferson, published Chess News column for over 30 years in the Commercial Appeal:

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Link #4)

Link #5)

Link #6)

Year 1905: 

Memphis Chess Club visits the Mississippi Chess Association's state championship:

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Link #2)

"Uncle Bob" Scrivener's chess influence in Memphis began around 1905 until the late 1960s:

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Link #2)

Link #3)

Year 1906:

Within the year of 1906 or 07 the Memphis Chess Club was taken in by the Memphis, TN Business Men's Club with great results:

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Link# 2)

Year 1907:

Three World Chess Championship games were played in Memphis and these are the links to the story and the games:

Link #1)

Link #2)

Link #3),3472043&dq=chess+championship+1907&hl=en

Years 1909-1915:

Memphis Chess Club was visited a few times by future World Chess Champion José Raúl Capablanca:

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Link #2)

Link #3)

Memphis Chess Club champion Bradford Jefferson won the U.S. Open in 1913:

The U.S. Open Chess Championship was held in Memphis in 1914 and here we explore the event:

Link #1)

Link #2)

Link #3)

Year 1920:

The U.S. Open was again held in Memphis, Tennessee and Memphis Chess Club champion, Bradford B. Jefferson, tied for 2nd:

Year 1947:

Memphis Chess Club meetings at the Falls Building:

Year 1955:

Not only was Robert "Uncle Bob" Scrivener the Memphis Chess Club's city champion in 1955, he was also the newly formed Pillsbury Chess Club's first champion in Memphis that same year:

Year 1959: 

The first Tennessee Chess News is published by the Tennessee Chess Association:

Here we explore Memphis Chess Club matches with other chess organizations from 1959 - 1974:

Years 1960-1961:

The first two Mid-South Open chess tournaments are examined:

Years 1962-1972:

Dr. Petar Trifunovich takes a loss in Memphis to Memphis Chess Club member James Wright:

The Southern Chess Championship was held in Memphis in 1962:

Link #1)

Link #2)

This link spotlights simultaneous exhibitions by Memphis Chess Club champions with a little information given on the Memphis City School's Chess League:

Memphis Chess Club players at the 1964 Little Rock, Arkansas Bobby Fischer simultaneous:

A little chess humor – very little:

In 1965 there was a movement of home-grown chess clubs in Memphis:

A verbal battle between checker and chess players during the 1967 Mid-South Open:

The 1972 World Chess Championship continues while Memphis Chess Club players grasp each news tidbit from Iceland:

Year 1973:

Walter Browne visits Memphis with Memphis Chess Club player Chris McDade scoring a win:

Memphis Chess Club players from Mississippi form the Southaven Chess Club in 1973 and the Horn Lake Chess Club in 1986:

Year 1974:

IGM Arthur Bisguire visits the River City:

This post recalls chess tournaments at the Peabody Hotel and the first Hunter Weaks Memorial:

John Hurt's The Wing Gambit:

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Link #2)

Link #3)

The first Mid-South Chess Advocate is published by the Memphis Chess Club:

Year 1975:

Photographs from the Mid-South Fair chess exhibition: 

Year 1976:

Memphis Chess Club banquets and awards ceremonies: (Many photos posted here) 

The U.S. Junior Championship in Memphis for the first time:

Link #1)

Link #2)

Link #3)

Year 1978:

The U.S. Junior Championship is held in Memphis for a second time:



Year 1980:

International Grandmaster Larry Christiansen and his Bluff City visit:

Year 1981:  

The original Mid-South Chess Advocate's last issue is published:
Year 1982:

A Memphis chess player's puzzle challenge printed in the Tennessee Chess News:

Year 1983:

Photos taken at the club:

Memphis chess periodical artwork from 1980-1983:

Year 1984:

The Tennessee Open is held in Memphis:

From Russia With Love, a nice chess set story:

Year 1988: 

The National Jr. High-School Championship in Memphis:










Year 1992:

Chess Club Constitutions:

The Mid-South Chess Advocate is revived:

Year 1993:

Mike Barton elected president of the Memphis Chess Club:

Link #1

Link #2

Chess the musical attended by two Memphis Chess Club players:

Memphis Chess Club humor:

Comments made on another blog about the above post:

Year 1997:

More stories from Mid-South Open chess tournaments, 1966 to 1997:

A fragmented archive from 1997 at an old Memphis Chess Club web site:

Link #1)

Link #2) 

Year 1999:

The Memphis Chess Club Inc. web site designed, launched, and maintained by Gary Pylant:

Year 2004:

GM Yudasin's simultaneous and Memphis chess players:

Various 2004 Memphis Chess Club pictures: 

Year 2005:

GM Sam Palatick beats the Apple's computer chess program:

Tsunami Relief Chess Simultaneous:

Year 2008:

Gary Pylant's Game of the Day series Part 1: 

Year 2009:

Archives and memorabilia site is created for the Memphis Chess Club's and Tennessee Chess Association's periodicals along with other chess related items going back to 1959:

Year 2010:

GM John P. Fedorowicz visits the chess club and a portion is posted on YouTube:

The passing of a former 1960's Memphis Chess Club president:

Memphis Chess Club arrives on Facebook: 

Year 2011:

Memphis Chess Club moves to a new location:

The Greater Memphis Chess Center opens for business:

The 2011 Memphis City Chess Championship winners:

Link #1)

Link #2)

This historical blog is created and later mentioned by other well established blogs:

Link #1)

Link #2)

A new Memphis Chess Club member's searchable game database web site is created:

Link #1)

Link #2)

Link #3)

A Memphis Chess Club chess problem book is published and an iTunes app is developed:

A visit to a former Memphis Chess Club playing site, The Business Men's Club, used from 1906-1919:

Gary Pylant's Game of the Day Part 2 is created along with a Blackmar-Diemer Gambit section:

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